Sanur Monthly Rentals

For newcomers to Bali, the concept of paying rent a year or more upfront is often unfamiliar, if not alarming. While it is conventional in Bali and throughout Indonesia to pay rent in this way, this 'norm' does not take into account the soaring rental rates we've seen over the last few years. While it was once within reach to pay for multiple years upfront, it is now often too expensive to pay one year in a lump sum.

There are some property owners who are aware of this are willing to accommodate monthly rentals. We are looking for them, and we will post whatever we can find on this page. If you need a place for a few months, or just need to budget your spend over the course of the year, please check here for our Sanur monthly rentals.

Max Rent (Monthly):
Min Bedrooms:
Land Size: