Land for Sale in Sanur

If we offer land for sale in Sanur, you can be assured that we have copies of the land certificates, we have verified ownership and status of the land, and we are confident that the asking price represents good value in the market. As finding the right land in the right location at the right price can take some time, particularly in Sanur where land sales are comparatively rare, we recommend contacting us and letting us know what you’re looking for. We can contact our database of Sanur property owners and start your personalised search.

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bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR Freehold

This nice location, very quiet and ricefield view. for the price in this area it is still rather cheap. to get to KFC Sanur from this location only takes 7 -10 minutes by riding a motorcycle. Nice plo …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 800.000.000/100m2 freehold

Nice plot, with total 200m2 land. car access, and nice location. Very closed with McDonald, just 6 minutes to the beach crossing the Bypass. Just need to contact us if you are interested to see it.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 4.000.000/are/year

Here we go, a good price on a nice plot of land. This is not beachside, it’s in a more local area, but it’s a decent size, a decent shape and a good price. If you’re looking for a manageable project, …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 900.000.000/100m2 freehold

With total size 346m2 (3,46 are). Nice plot, good location, and beachside area of Sanur.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 12.500.000/are/year

Good location, nice access, and beachside! Total 3832 m2 (38,32 are). Price included IMB for hotel. Lease until September 2051.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 1.350.000.000/100m2 freehold

With this land area, you can buy starting from 500m2, 1000m2, 1500m2, or 2000m2. Located in the beach side area of Sanur, with aspects of Tourism Accommodation. With a flat ground land kostur is ready …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 13.000.000/are/year (Min 20 years & Max 30 years)

This land is located in a nice area and walking distance to the beach. Offers close to shopping center and easy access anywhere.Contact us for visiting.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 650.000.000/100m2 freehold

This is it. Piece of land in very good location. Easy access anywhere and close to bypass. 7 Minutes drive to the beach.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 450.000.000/100m2 freehold

Nice plot, nice access and also very good price. The location in beachside area on Saba.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 1.500.000.000/100m2 freehold

Eight are (800m2) of land for sale in Sanur. Good Access, West side bypass,  and only 5 minutes drive to the beach.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 13.000.000/are/year (Min 20 years & Max 25 years)

The location in Beachside Central of Sanur. Just 5-7 minute walk to the beach. Good Access, Good Area and Good Plot. Very comfortable to build villa.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 7.000.000/are/year (Min 20 year & Max 30 year)

The location in Beachside Area Sanur. Good access, Good Plot. Spaceious in 2200m2 land (22 are). Minimum 20 years and maximum rental lease 30 years.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 35 billion total

This very good plot land. Good access and good location. Cucukan just 25-30 Minute to Sanur, closed to Ketewel.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 16.000.000/are/year

Good plot, good access and good price. The location in Beachside of Sanur. The total area of land +- 5 are. so if you find more than 3 are we can negotiable it. Just 5 – 7 minute to the beach by walk.

3000m2 Land for Sale in Gianyar with Mt Agung and Sea Views

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 250 million per 100m2, IDR 8.25 billion total

This is a nice 3300m2 plot of land located in the north eastern tip of Gianyar with beautiful views of Mt. Agung and the Bali Sea. Five minutes to the Bypass, 25 minutes into Sanur and 50 minutes to t …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 395 million per 100m2, IDR 10.27 billion total

This is a great block of land for anyone looking to develop one or more villas in an area that is quickly becoming a viable residential location in terms of transport links, infrastructure, and peace …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 6.000.000/are/year

915 m2 land for lease in complex villa. Lease until 2046. Good access and quiet.  Location in Sanur, just 7 minute to the beach

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 385.000.000/100m2 freehold

Two are (200m2) of land for sale in Saba. Good Access, Beachside and Cheap.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 400.000.000/21 year lease

This in Complex Villa and Beachside area on Padanggalak. Global Price just IDR 400 Million /21 years/6 are. Very good access.

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 12.500.000/are/year (max 25 years)

Good road access, walking distance to the beach, good dimensions for building. 17 are total size, can be split. Now just available 600m2.

4.8 Are Land for Sale in Ketewel

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 2.520.000.000 freehold (IDR 525.000.000/100m2)

Beautiful and very useable plot of land for freehold sale in Ketewel. Good road access, not built around (which has plusses and minuses), 5-10 minutes into Sanur but without the stratospheric Sanur pr …

Absolute Beachfront Land for Lease, Matahari Terbit

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 15.000.000/are/year

This is a great chance to grab a prime plot of beachfront land in one of the last spots in Sanur to be developed. Overlooking a beautiful black sand beach, this 4350m2 plot would suit a small hotel, v …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 1.400.000.000/100m2 freehold

3600m2 land for freehold sale, in Renon. 5 minutes to BROS International Hospital. The property completed with residential and commercial uses.  Very interesting opportunity to secure a large, central …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 5.500.000/are/year (24 year lease)

Nice little plot of land to lease on the west side of the bypass for a reasonable price. Big enough for a villa, especially if you build two floors. Need a plot for your new project? Here it is.

15 are Land for Lease in Sanur

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 5.000.000/are/year (max 25 years)

15 are? That’s 1500m2 in new money. Located on the western side of the Bypass, this is a good plot for a few villas at a decent price. Max 25 years may prove a bit short for anyone interested in inves …

1600m2 Land for Lease in Sanur

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 6 million/are/year

A nice plot of land for long lease on the west side of the Bypass, southern side of Sanur. Suitable for a villa development or a couple of very nice large homes. Come have a look if you’re in the mark …

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
IDR 575.000.000/100m2

Land for sale close to KFC. Nice, flat, good access, good price, big enough for a couple of decent sized villas or one big one. Not a bad price for the location, right at market value.

500m2 - 1500m2 Land for Lease in Sanur

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 7 million/are/year

This is a great opportunity to secure up to fifteen are of land just west of the Bypass in a great, quiet location for your villa project. Well priced at 7 million per are per year, this plot has wide …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 2.800.000.000 freehold

This is a 400m2 plot offered for sale on a freehold (SHM) title in the west side of Sanur, off the popular Jalan Batur Sari. Nice shaped plot, good location, big enough for a good sized villa. Comes w …

Freehold Land for Sale in Tukad Balian

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 2.500.000.000 freehold

Three are (300m2) of land for sale in Tukan Balian, between Sanur and Renon. There is actually a small building on this plot, with bedroom, bathroom, even a small terrace, and more importantly, an ele …

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 7.000.000/are/year (min 25 years)

This is a great big plot of land available for 25 year or more lease just west of the bypass in a great location for villas, apartments, or a dog park. Pay the money, you can do what you like. There i …

8.8 Are Land for Lease in Kutat Lestari

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
IDR 1.650.000.000/25years (IDR 7.5million/100m2/year)

Nearly 900m2 of land available on a long lease in a popular residential area in western Sanur. Good access but tucked away off the main road. Suited to a variety of residential purposes or for commerc …

850m2 Batur Sari Land for 25 Year Lease

bedroomsbathroomscar parking spaces
IDR 1.500.000.000/25 years (IDR 7 million/100m2/year)

An 8.5 are (850m2) plot of land available for a minimum 25 year lease. Good location for a good sized villa or two. Market price for land in this area. Good access, but on an unpaved road.

Freehold Land for Sale in Kutat Kestari

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
IDR 875.000.000/100m2 freehold

This is a set of 150m2 plots available (7 total) for freehold sale in Kutat Lestari, west side of Sanur. If you like the area and are after SHM title, please do get in touch to arrange a viewing.

850m2 Land for Lease in Batur Sari

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
IDR 1.500.000.000/25 years (IDR 7.000.000/100m2/year)

Land for lease in west Sanur, 850m2 for minimum 25 year lease. Decent price for the location, 7 million per are. Big enough for a decent sized villa or two. Come have a gander.

8 Are Sanur Land for Lease, Perfect for Villas

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
IDR 1.360.000.000/20 years (IDR 8.5 million/100m2/year)

This is an eight are (800m2) plot ready for building in a popular residential area of Sanur, just west of Jl Bypass. For developers or those looking to build their own dream villa, this is a great opt …

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
Starting from IDR 790.000.000/35 years

This is a big chunk of land that the owner originally split up into 4 or 5 are plots. He’s sold two plots, and decided to sell the rest either as originally planned (kavling) or in larger plots. As yo …

2000m2 Vacant Land with Easy Bypass Access

bedrooms0bathrooms0car parking spaces0
IDR 12.500.000/are/year (10-20years)

This is a 20 are plot of vacant land, perfect for building a large office, workshop, or other commercial premises. Easy access to Jl Bypass, already with permits, land ready to build on. If you’re loo …

IDR 6.500.000/are/year (20-25 years)

Nice 4.5 are plot for long lease, across the Bypass from the Mertasari area of Sanur. Road access on two sides, you could fit two villas in this space quite easily. Available for minimum 20 years, ext …

IDR 6.500.000/are/year (25-50 years)

This is a good opportunity for those looking to secure land on the west side of Sanur. Two plots next to each other, 12 are and 5 are, available for long lease separately or together. Would suit indiv …