Beachside Villas for Rent in Sanur

When you live on an island, you want to close to the the beach. The thing is, 'close to the beach' means different things to different people. We have clients who don't mind a ten minute drive to the beach, and we have others who want to be able to roll out of bed into the Bali Sea.

In Sanur, as in many beachside locations, you pay a premium for living close to the beach. Any property east of Jl Bypass will be more expensive than if it were located on the 'other side' of the Bypass, sometimes only 100 metres to the West. Beachside properties are more difficult to come by for annual rental, and sometimes they don't appear to be good value. But if you absolutely need to be able to walk to the beach, and be in the centre of Sanur's sedate social scene, we have some options for you. As always, if you can't see exactly what you want, contact us and let us help you find something.