Gracefully Aged Beachside Villa with Huge Garden

Property ID: B816

IDR 350.000.000/year
land size

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Property Description

This villa is closer to the beach than 95% of our listings. It has a bigger, more beautiful garden than 95% of our listings. It has a nice pool, and a modern kitchen. The actual structure is a traditional Balinese style building, and takes up about 200m2 of the 950m2 land area. It isn’t new, and some of the features are a bit aged (like the pink bathroom set), but it is reasonably well maintained and is in keeping with the character of the Sanur style gardens.

If the building were on 3 are of land, I would have to say that it wasn’t worth the asking price, but to find a 9.5 are plot in this location is rare at any price. Did we mention that the location is a short walk to the beach? Probably the longest part of the walk is crossing the lawn to the front gate!

If you look closely at the photos, you’ll notice an elderly gentleman obviously enjoying his time in the villa and obviously with no intention of moving on account of us. We have been reliably informed that he will not be there when you decide to move in. Whether this is welcome or disappointing news, we will leave to you.

Property Details

Bedrooms:  3

Bathrooms: 2

Land Size: 950

Built Area: 200

Electricity: 7700

Car Spaces: 1

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