Sanur Budget Accommodation

Whatever you may have heard, it is possible to find moderately priced accommodation in Sanur for long term rental. Whether you are looking for a cheap place to crash, a fixer-upper, an investment for the holiday rental market, or a larger home outside of the tourist areas of Sanur that offers better value, we do have a few options for you. Please have a look, and don’t forget you can always contact us to help find a property that matches your criteria and budget.

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bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces2
IDR 65.000.000/year

Look at this house. Clean and furnished. Located in a nice area, offers easy access somewhere and close to the by pass. Consist of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The building size is 125m2 built on 2 …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 35.000.000/year

The house is not too small. Has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a garden as well. The garage for one car. Close to the bypass and located in nice quite area. Built on 150 m2 land with size 70 …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1
IDR 75.000.000/year

The house has three bedrooms with all en suite bathrooms. The size is 150 m2 on 150m2 land. Offered semi furnished with western standard and HOB. The location is quite and takes 7 minutes drive to the …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces3
IDR 80.000.000/year

The house was big on a big land, 600m2.  Looks very traditional and friendly. The size of the building is 200m2, so the rest is the garden. It has  3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms. Located in strategic area …

bedrooms3bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 75.000.000/year

The house was built on 175m2 land with size 125m2. Has 1 bedroom downstairs with en suite bathroom and two bedrooms upstairs with sharing bathroom. Offered semi furnished with western standard and HOB …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 12.500.000 per month

This is a nice modern two bedroom villa built around a pool that’s just big enough to take the edge off the hottest days without requiring an army of staff to maintain. The joint open-style kitchen an …

bedrooms3bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 60.000.000/year

The house has 3 bedrooms, and 1 sharing bathroom, very family situation. The house has some furniture. The location offers easy access everywhere. Only 7 minutes drive to the beach and 10 minutes to t …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 70.000.000/year

The house is new, clean, and bright. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and also a maid room with maid bathroom. Offered unfurnished with western standard kitchen. The house has a garage for one car. The …

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 65.000.000/year

This one bed studio has small living room, a garage, also one compound and share the pool with the owner . Offered furnished included western standard and refrigerator. 70m2 built area and around 7 mi …

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 70.000.000/year

This one bed studios have private in beachside area Sanur. Have living room and small garden.  60m2 built area, have carport for 1 car. Just 5-7 minute walk to the beach. Offered Furnished included We …

bedrooms3bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 50.000.000/year

This nice house with little garden, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom and have one room for storage/maidroom. Built on 200m2 land with 150m2 building. This cheap, have car access. Offered Unfurnished but included …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1
IDR 55.000.000/year

This is a quite a nice, clean little place and so cheap. Good road access, five minutes to Mertasari beach by motorbike.

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 75.000.000/year or IDR 7.000.000/month

This is a newly built two bedroom house that looks suspiciously like two kost rooms stuck together! There’s the makings of a kitchen, not much sign of a living area, and a large covered space that loo …

One Bedroom House Available Monthly

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 50.000.000/year or IDR 6 million/month

This is a good sized one bedroom unit with open style kitchen, a large front terrace area which could be called your living room, and a decent ensuite bathroom. Nothing fancy, but a good price and ava …

Beachside One Bedroom Guest House

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 60.000.000/year or IDR 7.000.000/month

I haven’t been here so I’m guessing. It’s a couple of Balinese style buildings built around a central area, like a traditional Balinese compound. They’re relatively clean and tidy inside, this is the …

Cheap Three Bedroom House for Rent

bedrooms3bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 45.000.000/year (min. 4 years)

Ok, this property is relatively cheap – plus. It’s three bedrooms with another room that could be used as an office – plus. But it’s not in the best condition, and the owner is asking for quite a few …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 8.000.000/month

This is a two bedroom, two bathroom house located on the beach side of the bypass, just off Jl. Danau Poso. It’s built over 150m2, with not much room left over for a garden, but it does have a relativ …

Modern 3 Bedroom House in South Sanur

bedrooms3bathrooms4car parking spaces1
IDR 75.000.000/year

This is a typical new build house – shiny floors, sliding doors, decent kitchen, nothing special but solid and quite liveable. Three bedrooms, two upstairs, four bathrooms, little garden, and very hig …

Classic One Bedroom Sanur Homestay

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 60.000.000/year or IDR 5.500.000/month

This is a homestay, a bedroom and bathroom attached to a Balinese family home. Many people stay in homestays when they first arrive in Bali, many people prefer them and stay. Staying with a family is …

Two Bedroom Local Style House

bedrooms2bathrooms3car parking spaces1
IDR 70.000.000/year (min 5 years)

This is a local style house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms, a bright living area with basic kitchen setup. The owner is asking for minimum 5 year rental term. Located just west of Jl Bypass wit …

Cheap Two Bedroom House for Rent

bedrooms2bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 30.000.000/year

This two bedroom house is one of our most economical listings, and it is in a decent location just off of Jalan Danau Buyan. It’s built over 100m2, with two bedrooms a single bathroom, and a simple lo …