Beachside Villas for Rent in Sanur

When you live on an island, you want to close to the the beach. The thing is, ‘close to the beach’ means different things to different people. We have clients who don’t mind a ten minute drive to the beach, and we have others who want to be able to roll out of bed into the Bali Sea.

In Sanur, as in many beachside locations, you pay a premium for living close to the beach. Any property east of Jl Bypass will be more expensive than if it were located on the ‘other side’ of the Bypass, sometimes only 100 metres to the West. Beachside properties are more difficult to come by for annual rental, and sometimes they don’t appear to be good value. But if you absolutely need to be able to walk to the beach, and be in the centre of Sanur’s sedate social scene, we have some options for you. As always, if you can’t see exactly what you want, contact us and let us help you find something.

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bedrooms3bathrooms4car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 300.000.000/year

Ok, the located of this villa very strategic in Beachside Sanur.Very Large with 2 storey. built on 500m2 land, with 300m2 building. Total 3 bedroom, 4 Bathroom, and equipped with maidroom, maid bathro …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 95.000.000/year

This balinese house. with two bedroom, 2 ensuite bathroom. 150m2 land, with 100m2 building. Furnished with HOB, and Refrigerator. 4200 watt for electricity, 1 car parking. But for your information thi …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 250.000.000/year

This villa is very bright, beautiful, and clean. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 1 laundry area. Location in Beachside area of Sanur just 5-7 minute to the beach by walk. . Offered with furniture like in …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 150.000.000/year

This villa has a mixed style between balinese and modern. With 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, and BEACHSIDE. Just 5-7 minutes walk to the beach. built on 250m2 land with 150m2 building. with furniture include …

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 110.000.000/year

This is a newly built property. A small villa which only has 1 bedroom but with living room and swimming pool. Suitable for you who live alone or just with a partner. Has a modern design, and is in th …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 125.000.000/year

This New Brand Villa!!! Probably all already know the price of property in the beachside area of ​​sanur quite expensive. But this villa is designed for you who want to rent an annual villa with a bud …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces2
IDR 95.000.000/year (min 2 years)

The house is located in the location that almost everybody wants. The size is 150 m2 and built on 250 m2 land. Has a nice garden. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Completed by a maid bedroom and bat …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1
IDR 85.000.000/year (min 2 years)

The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Built on 210 m2 with building size 150m2. Offered furnished with HOB, and refrigerator. The photos is bit ugly because the house look bit damaged. But …

bedrooms3bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 100.000.000/year (min 2 years)

The location is the best. Only 3 minutes walking to the beach and 5 minutes drive to shopping center. The area is very easy access and situated in a safe private villa area. The house has three bedroo …

bedrooms4bathrooms4car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 3.350.000.000 for 10 years (extension available)

A traditional Balinese style villa that works perfectly as a family home. Located two minutes from the beach in a very sought-after area (that’s my real estate cliche for the day) in the southern end …

bedrooms3bathrooms4car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 475.000.000/year

This  two floors villa was built on 500 m2 land with building size 400 m2. It contains 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Completed with a storage, 2 maidroom and 2 maid bathroom. Offered furnished with wes …

bedroomsbathrooms4car parking spaces3
IDR 9.500.000.000 freehold
IDR 210.000.000/year

This is an interesting space. It was up until very recently (see sewing machines in images) a garment factory. It has three open floors plus a partially covered roof terrace. Located on the beachside …

bedrooms3bathrooms4car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 190.000.000/year

This is beachside. This is mostly everyone wants. Nice bright villa with tidy garden. It has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a maid bedroom with maid bathroom and a western standard kitchen with HOB. The vil …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 210.000.000/year

This beachside! in good area on the beachside. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, with large open living. 230m2 land, with 120m2 building. Simple desain villa, with pool and a small garden. Very clean and is equi …

bedrooms4bathrooms3car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 150.000.000/year

Located on the east side of the Bypass, but actually further away from the beach than many places located on ‘the other side’, this one has recently had a makeover, most obviously in the garden and po …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 190.000.000/year

Offers walking distance to the beach only 3 minutes . This villa has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool with dimension 5x3m. Built on 300m2 land with building size 200m2. Furnished with HOB and refrigera …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 180.000.000/year

This is a three bedroom villa, a short walk to the beach. Like some Bali villas, the kitchen area appears to be somewhat of an afterthought, tucked away under the staircase. While this is not a potent …

bedrooms3bathrooms4car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 560.000.000/year

This villa is quite large with size 600m2 on a 1000m2 plot. It’s very spacious with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a storage, a maid room with bathroom, and completed by a fitness room that keeps you doing …

bedrooms4bathrooms5car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 350.000.000/year

Modern, Clean, Well Maintained. This villa is quite large with very nice pool view veranda and modern design. Built on 355m2 land with size 300m2, it has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a garage. The kit …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 110.000.000/year

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, with garden. Built on 200m2 land with 150m2 building. Local style, and the location in beachside area Sanur. 7 minutes walk to the beach and supermarket.

bedrooms3bathrooms4car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 185.000.000/year

Beachside. That’s alot of people want to stay, especially for you who are loving beach so much, playing with the sand, enjoying the view and also maybe playing with the wave as well. This new brand vi …

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 70.000.000/year

This one bed studios have private in beachside area Sanur. Have living room and small garden.  60m2 built area, have carport for 1 car. Just 5-7 minute walk to the beach. Offered Furnished included We …

Beautiful Three Bedroom Villa for Lease in Complex

bedrooms3bathrooms2car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 1.750.000.000 / 8 years

This is a beautiful property that has been well maintained and recently renovated to allow for a third bedroom with connecting ensuite bathroom. The mature gardens give privacy without the need for th …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 325.000.000/year (min. 2 years)

This Located in The Villa Complex Beachside & Secure. Have 24 hours Security System. Built on 400m2 land with 350m2 building. 2 Floors, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, with pool in dimension 8x4m. Fully Fu …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 365.000.000/year

It’s relatively rare to find a freehold property for sale on the beach side of Sanur these days. But it’s quite special to find a villa that is located within walking distance to Hardy’s, the beach an …

bedrooms2bathrooms3car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 260.000.000/year

2 bedroom, 3 bathroom, with 500m2 land. Just two minute walking to the beach. Newly renovated, bright, clean, and well appointed. The bedrooms aren’t the biggest, but if you live this close to the bea …

bedrooms3bathrooms3car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 200.000.000/year

Villa for rent on the beach side area in Sanur. The villa built on 3,25 are land with 3,0 are building. 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, fully furnished, garden, and swimming pool. Located in the quite area jus …

Beachside One Bedroom Guest House

bedrooms1bathrooms1car parking spaces1
IDR 60.000.000/year or IDR 7.000.000/month

I haven’t been here so I’m guessing. It’s a couple of Balinese style buildings built around a central area, like a traditional Balinese compound. They’re relatively clean and tidy inside, this is the …

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1
IDR 8.000.000/month

This is a two bedroom, two bathroom house located on the beach side of the bypass, just off Jl. Danau Poso. It’s built over 150m2, with not much room left over for a garden, but it does have a relativ …

Beachside Five Bedroom Modern House

bedrooms5bathrooms6car parking spaces0
IDR 190.000.000/year

There aren’t too many houses like this on the beachside of Sanur. When I mean beachside, I mean east of the Bypass, not east of Jl Danau Tamblingan. Five bedrooms in a 110m2 plot of land, over two flo …

Charming Javanese Style Beachside Home

bedrooms2bathrooms2car parking spaces1with pool
IDR 170.000.000/year

I’ve been reliably informed that this is a limasan style house, popular in central and eastern Java. The property is not new and has a certain storied charm about it, but the fixtures and fittings are …

Beautifully Finished Bright Beachside Villa

bedrooms5bathrooms5car parking spaces2with pool
IDR 450.000.000/year

This is a bright four bedroom, five bathroom, beachside villa finished in some style. It is built over 400m2, on a 500m2 plot. It has a separate building which is currently used as an in-house spa/mas …