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IDR (USD 2.7 million) freehold/SHM
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This is a unique property in that it comprises of three individual buildings, each standing by itself as a home or rental accommodation, within a very private complex.  The entrance of this ‘estate’, when viewed from the street, could almost be described as ‘nondescript’.  Yet, this is meant in the best possible sense. There is something special about a property with a humble entrance that opens up to reveal a special, hidden, heart.

The first property in the complex is the main family home. The design, materials, and particularly the lighting were all hand-selected by the owner/vendor. Everything is harmonious, ‘just right’, but on closer inspection has something special about it. It’s a peculiar sensation to at once feel a sense of familiarity and wonder when entering a property. The fact that this property was designed and functions as a family home simply adds to the intrigue. Three bedrooms, with a large attached double office space that could be converted into a studio, another bedroom, or whatever you need. A large double-height living area with spectacular natural light, particularly in the morning. An adjoining fully-fitted kitchen, the command and control centre of the house, which again connects to a good-sized dining room with views of the gardens and pool. Finally, there’s a very comfortable library located on the mezzanine level, overlooking the living area and outside space, which opens up even more options when thinking about how to get yourself organised in this new home. Unique, understated luxury.

The second property in the complex is, in its own right, a substantial family home. Its design and finishing, compared to the first, is standard. But this isn’t a negative, it’s just an unfair comparison! It’s well-proportioned and laid out, holds four bedrooms good sized, three with ensuite bathrooms, a large living area with kitchen and dining space, a pool.  I would say, out of the three properties, this could benefit the most from a few retouches – painting, perhaps updating the kitchen slightly – but these are both subjective and cosmetic, not structural or in any way detracting from the offering as a whole.

The third property is not located on the ‘street side’, it’s behind the two other properties, connected to the front by a charming garden walkway. This property takes the form of a more traditional Indonesian style property, with quite a few Javanese design elements. It holds two bedrooms upstairs, connected by a shared bathroom. Downstairs is an open living area, which is currently filled with a range of antique bicycles, art, and other memories collected over 30 years living and working in Indonesia. Take all of these items away, however, and you’re left with a reasonably large living area, with a small kitchenette and a beautiful view through full-length glass doors out to the gardens. As a guest house, an office, or a halfway house for your unruly teenagers, this property presents multiple opportunities while retaining an elegance and charm that belies its status as ‘number 3’.

The complex is located in the southern end of beachside Sanur, in a calm, quiet, and increasingly popular residential area with good access to the main roads of central Sanur as well as the beach and the Bypass. Like most properties, this is not for everyone. It presents many more options than most properties of similar size. It’s complex, multi-faceted, not in the slightest way ostentatious, and you could drive past it without even knowing it existed. For someone with a growing family, who runs a business and can never have too many bedrooms, this is an option without comparison. We’re thoroughly impressed and we look forward to introducing you to this truly unique space.

Property Details

Bedrooms:  8

Bathrooms: 9

Land Size: 1300

Built Area: 800

Electricity: 33000

Car Spaces: 3

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